About Amaliah Grace

Thirty-five years as a dancer, teacher and choreographer gave Amaliah skills and dedication towards her artistic endeavours.

As a choreographer, she spent years honing her ability to share stories through movement, form, shape and light, capturing the essence and spirit of the dancer and the dance. She fell in love with Argentine Tango, dancing and teaching over the past 20 years.

After a midlife crisis in her 40's, she became fascinated by the potential of metaphysical healing to create change.

Self-taught in crystals, healing and meditation she received mediumship training through a spiritual church where she became attuned to her guides and the Great White Brotherhood.

She was dedicated to raising her vibration and began to channel typing blindfold.

Her passion to find peace and the truth of who she really is, took her to divorce her long-term partner and journey to Peru.

There her role and mission for the Divine Feminine were revealed, returning the following year to experience a shamanic journey in Peru.

Over her spiritual developing years, she learned Holistic Massage, Reconnective Healing, Light Language, Psych –k, and after her time in Peru, embarked on learning Alchemical Healing in the USA.

She became a light language sound channel of ancient healing songs finding her soul’s mission and creating a body of work for personal and planetary evolution.

In 2010 she began writing her story of transformation publishing it and launching it on her 70th birthday in 2019.

She currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia and has several as yet unfinished manuscripts on the go as she is delving into another artistic expression by creating watercolours.

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