Meet Our Guest

Connie Knudson is a Feng Shui Consultant, Dowser, Energy Healer, and Facilitator for the Virtues Project.

She is a former school teacher and health coach who discovered the life-transforming strategies of Feng Shui in 2015 – which she has used to transform her life from stress and struggle, to create a life she truly loves.

She’s written a book about her journey called: The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation: Discover How Finding Your Life Purpose Attracts Financial Abundance.

Questions We Asked This Guest Include:

  • How did you get into Feng Shui and Dowsing and what made you write about it?
  • What is Feng Shui and what kind of Feng Shui do you do?
  • How can Feng Shui or dowsing help a person who is stressed and frustrated in their business? Relationships? Creativity-especially for writers stuck or have difficulty writing?
  • How can Feng Shui help things flowing?
  • Can you give us (one) tip to help our listeners get started?
  • How can our listeners get in touch with you for more information?