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Leigh Leshner has been a vintage jewelry collector since her preteens.

She shares her love of vintage jewelry by providing a wide array of styles and periods of jewelry for sale.

Leigh co-wrote and produced the award-winning Hidden Treasures video series and is the author of:

  • Vintage Jewelry: A Price & Identification Guide 1920’s – 1940s
  • Rhinestone Jewelry: A Price & Identification Guide
  • Costume Jewelry: Identification & Price Guide
  • Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry and Secrets of Collecting Jewelry

Discover Answers to Questions Like:

  • What inspired you to turn your “passion to paper” and write books on jewelry?
  • What were some of your challenges to writing your books?
  • What is your biggest surprise about writing books on your passion?
  • Can you provide 3 tips you recommend to others who might want to write about their hobbies or passions?

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